Participants will work on song selection, stage presence and presentation, musicianship, and personal style. You will learn various techniques that will enhance your auditioning and performance skills. You will also have an opportunity to perform in front of your fellow students and the faculty, and receive feedback.
Participants will perform selected songs in workshop and will receive feedback and critiques about the songs and their performances with advice on how to improve their overall presentation. Use of prerecorded music is encouraged. 

 You can expect insight into  your song selections, musicianship, your look, and how to present yourself, all of which will help set you apart from the competition. Get inside information on the dos and don't, and find out what audition judges, producers, and directors look for. Develop your auditioning and performance skills.
The workshops are designed to help you present yourself on stage. You will learn various methods and techniques that will enhance your presence on stage as well as give you insight into effectively presenting yourself to your audience.

All Levels are Welcome! 
Ages 16 & UP
While you gain confidence and familiarity with your vocal instrument and performance skills, you'll be encouraged to stretch your abilities and artistic expressions to achieve a more authentic interpretation of the music, and to deliver a dynamic performance with impact.

We embrace each member’s originality as individuals, musicians and performers to instill a positive work ethic, and encourage participants to discover who they are and what they want based on and through their innate abilities. Sing Masters Workshops are committed to giving you honest and productive feedback as well as unique ways of finding the real, creative you.

Our primary purpose is to have fun becoming better singers; to improve together as vocal artists, song writers and performers beyond where we are at present. We aim to help you travel to the next level of proficiency,


4750 W. 62nd St
Los Angeles, CA  90056

 By Cary Tennis
Create a goal that is obtainable through hard work and that is measurable. I would say your goal right now should be to attain proficiency and excellence in your craft.
You may benefit from visualizing yourself as a star. Proficiency and excellence in your craft is something you can actually attain. It may sometimes precede stardom, but it is never a guarantee of stardom. There is no guarantee of stardom. But there are guaranteed milestones of proficiency and excellence that are obtainable.
 Let’s say that your No. 1 goal in life is now to attain proficiency and excellence in your craft of singing. If you adopt this one goal, your decisions can all flow from this one premise: Your purpose is to attain proficiency and excellence in your craft. How? You take voice lessons if you can afford them……? If not,  search for a singers workshop,  find a mentor and or  acting lessons.
You build your network of fellow singers and actors...Sing Masters Workshops is available to help you in attaining your No. 1 goal.  And to help you build a network of fellow singers, that's what Sing Masters is offering, because you need somewhere  or someone to be your "accountability buddy." You need somebody to be accountable to who won't let you slide.
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